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Ibogaine is a dissociative psychedelic with oneiric properties that has multiple aforementioned anti-addictive mechanisms, as well as the ability to generate therapeutic psychological insights, suggesting promise in treating alcohol use disorders and drug addiction. Unfortunately, as with many forms of treatment that provide promising results, Ibogaine is listed as a schedule I illegal substance in the United States where millions are suffering from opioid addiction brought on the United States itself through its pharmaceutical industry. (See page 19 of the DEA "Durgs of Abuse") [Local Copy]

The focus of this page is to provide as many links to as much material related to Ibogaine as we can possibly find.

Research Articles and Publications
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Ibogaine, a naturally occurring plant alkaloid with a history of use as a medicinal and ceremonial agent in West Central Africa, has been alleged to be effective in the treatment of drug abuse. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has given signicant support to animal research, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Phase I studies in humans. Evidence for ibogaine's effectiveness includes a substantial preclinical literature on reduced drug self-administration and withdrawal in animals, and case reports in humans. There is relatively little financial incentive for its development by the pharmaceutical industry because ibogaine is isolated from a botanical source in which it naturally occurs, and its chemical structure cannot be patented. This has left the academic community and the public sector with a crucial role in research on ibogaine, which was a major reason for organizing the First International Conference on Ibogaine.

A major focus of the Conference was the possible mechanism(s) of action of ibogaine. Ibogaine is of interest because it appears to have a novel mechanism of action distinct from other existing pharmacotherapeutic approaches to addiction, and it potentially could provide a paradigm for understanding the neurobiology of addiction and the development of new treatments. Another important focus of the Conference was to review human experience with ibogaine and preclinical and clinical evidence of efficacy and safety. The Conference also featured presentations related to the sociological and anthropological aspects of the sacramental context of the use of iboga in Africa and the distinctive ibogaine subculture of the United States and Europe.

The following publications were obtained from various resources available on the Web.

  • Ibogain Fact Sheet [Local Copy]
  • Ibogaine: Treatment Outcomes and Observations [Local Copy]
  • Novel treatment of opioid use disorder using ibogaine and iboga in two adults [Local Copy]
  • STATE OF KNOWLEDGE STUDY ON Tabernanthe iboga Baillon [Local Copy]
  • Case Studies of Ibogaine Treatment: Implications for Patient Management Strategies [Local Copy]
  • Journal of Analytical Toxicology [Local Copy]
  • Ibogaine (Iboga Tabernanthe) As a potential anti-addictive treatment in the pipleline: A review [Local Copy]
  • Ibogaine, an anti-addictive drug: pharmacology and time to go furtherin development. A narrative review [Local Copy]
  • The efficacy of ibogaine use in opioid use disorder compared to buprenorphine [Local Copy]
  • An analytical study of iboga alkaloids contained in Tabernanthe iboga-derived products offered by ibogaine treatment providers [Local Copy]
  • Why Vermont should include ibogaine in its opioid addiction treatment strategy [Local Copy]
  • Safety of ibogaine administration in detoxification ofopioid-dependent individuals [Local Copy]
  • The use of Ibogaine in the treatment of addictions [Local Copy]
  • A Single Administration of the Atypical Psychedelic Ibogaine or its Metabolite Noribogaine Induces an Antidepressant-like Effect in Rats [Local Copy]
  • Treatment of opioid use disorder with ibogaine [Local Copy]
  • Comparative nueropharmacology of Ibogaine and its O-desmethyl metabolite, Noribogaine [Local Copy]
  • "Herbal seizures" - atypical symptoms after ibogaine intoxication: a case report [Local Copy]
  • Research needed on psychedelic compound for opioid withdrawal [Local Copy]
  • A systematic literature review of clinical trials and therapeutic applications of ibogaine [Local Copy]
  • Life after Ibogaine: An exploratory study of the long-term effects of ibogaine treatment on drug addicts [Local Copy]
  • Ibogaine Detoxification Transitions Opioid and Cocaine Abusers Between Dependence and Abstinence: Clinical Observations and Treatment Outcomes [Local Copy]
  • Ibogaine: Fantsy A N D Reality [Local Copy]
  • Ibogaine, a Noncompetitive Inhibitor of Serotonin Transport, Acts by Stabilizing the Cytoplasm-facing State of the Transporter [Local Copy]
  • Mechanisms of action of ibogaine and harmaline congeners based on radioligand binding studies [Local Copy]
  • High-affinity binding of ß-carbolines to imidazoline I 2B receptors and MAO-A in rat tissues: Norharman blocks the effect of morphine withdrawal on DOPA/noradrenaline synthesis in the brain" by Andre Sevilla [Local Copy]
  • Drug abuse and addiction: Research progress and future prospect [Local Copy]
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All proceeds generated from the sales of the following books go towards funding Global Ibogaine March.

Scientific Information
  • Ibogaine: A review byKenneth Alper, NYU Langone Medical Center [Local Copy]
  • Ibogaine in the treatment of heroin withdrawal, University of Toronto [Local Copy]
  • Noribogaine Generalization to the Ibogaine Stimulus: Correlation with Noribogaine Concentration in Rat Brain [Local Copy]
  • Ibogaine treatment outcomes for opioid dependence from a twelve-month follow-up observational study [Local Copy]
  • Columbia University - New publication on novel class of psychedelic Iboga alkaloids [Local Copy]